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Cyber defense centre.

Take benefit of our continuous monitoring and response service on malware defense, anomaly behaviour and vulnerability management to effectively protect against attacks on your critical assets. Our managed detection and response service is offered on business hours or 24/7 continuous service delivery.

Cyber Defense Center (CDC)

Podictive provides a continuous monitoring and response service on malware defense, anomaly behaviour and vulnerability management to effectively resist attacks against your critical assets. With our Cyber Defense Center you can complement your cyber defense strategy with threat intelligence that characterise the susceptible attack surface and potential motivations of adversaries.

Stay compliant and secure.

Stay compliant and in control with Security & Compliance Monitoring based on user behavior analytics. Our specialists keep our customer’s network in the eye, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide a safe and centralized processing and storage of log data within our local based datacenter in the Netherlands.

Rapid response.

Podictive offers the capability to assist you with effective digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), and malware analysis. This service delivery entails the investigation of malware infections like ransomware attacks and advanced compromise assessments to answer your key question ‘Am I breached?’.

Advanced malware threat prevention solution.

With a range of cutting-edge and proven technologies, Podictive empowers its clients to detect, stop and act on advanced malware that traditional security technologies and first-generation APT defense systems miss.

Compromise assessments.

Through our technical partners Podictive offers a comprehensive compromise assessments over your network infrastructure. Combined with our monitoring solutions, Podictive gives you extra assurance on the security of your network and data. In the present, future and past.

Approaching your security challenges from a

holistic approach.

Organizational readiness

Organizing information security is about having a deep understanding of IT security risks and how to manage it in a time where threats are evolving and getting more advanced. It’s about establishing and assessing the right risk-based controls that support a comprehensive risk management program. Failure to establish an effective IT security program can have serious consequences. Increased risk of security breaches. Greater regulatory oversight. Fines for non-compliance. And perhaps worst of all, the loss of valued data that can damage a company’s image and its client relationships. Podictive support its customers in validating their security posture and helps setting up a malware defense and vulnerability management program.

Security posture validation

With our capability driven testing service we focus on addressing weaknesses within our customers’ IT landscape. The quality of our services is supported by demonstrable capabilities with effective and proven security assessment methodologies that are tailored for each environment type. Podictive support its customers in validating their security posture with effective penetration test and vulnerability management assessments.

Malware defense

We help our customers to timely detect, validate, and prevent malware infections in their IT landscape. With a team of highly skilled cyber defence experts and a specialised portfolio of malware threat defence technology, we offer a managed service model that takes care of the security challenges of our customers. Our compromise assessment provides customers insight in the actual or historical state of their security posture, answering the key question ‘Am I breached?’.

Detect and response

We deliver advanced incident response and malware forensic services to detect and respond against sophisticated adversaries. We are highly active in our research and analysis center, and focused on gathering relevant malware threat intelligence for our customers.