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Offensive security.

Our service offering entails a consultant led service, approaching cyber defense from a holistic view. We support customers in their endeavour to cater today’s cyber threats and be compliant against legal and regulatory requirements.

Be secure.

Organizing information security is about having a deep understanding of IT security risks and how to manage it in a time where threats are evolving and getting more advanced. Failure to establish an effective IT security program can result in increased risk of security breaches and loss of valued data.

The road to a more secure organization.

Podictive support its customers in validating their security posture and helps setting up an effective Vulnerability Threat Management process. Our consultants have the right skills to evaluate security risks, develop remediation plans that are tailored to unique business requirements and security needs and advise in setting up decision making procedures.

Vulnerability threat management.

Vulnerability Threat Management is an essential process in an organization’s IT security program. It’s the cyclical practice of identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities. This vital function is a default part of hardening defenses and identifying weaknesses in the organizations infrastructure.

Penetration testing.

We support customers in attacking a system on behalf of its owners, seeking weaknesses that a malicious adversary could exploit. To test a system, ethical hackers use the same methods as their less principled counterparts, but report problems instead of taking advantage of them.

Approaching your security challenges from a

holistic approach.