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Working for Podictive.


When working for Podictive you enter a new way of working. We focus on enabling our colleagues in the best way possible. We are focused on output, this means that you are free in how you want to spend the day, or which task you would like to perform, as long as you deliver. We think personal growth is important, we support and provide you with trainings, peer coaching and certifications. You will only be working with colleagues, we don’t do bosses.  We think the balance between work and private is important. You will have flexible working hours and working from home a few days a week is possible.  This will give you all the freedom to perform your responsibilities in a for you custom made work environment.

What can you expect from us?
What do we expect from our (future) colleagues?

Output focused

This means that we put our trust in your abilities. We don’t tell you how to do your job – we believe that you know how to do your job. This will give you freedom to work in a way that works best for you for as long as you deliver.

Personal growth

It is our belief dat personal growth is important at any stage in your career. Therefore we support you at least twice (if desired more) a year with personal growth talks. We can bring you in contact with colleagues with similar interests, and facilitate pizza sessions with them as well. If you want to follow a specific training or obtain an certain certification, you’ve come to the right office.

Flexible working

Some colleagues like to start early, others bring their kids to school and others are just slow risers. At Podictive we look at your personal preference in regarding to office hours. You have something important to attend after work? Leave an hour early, no issues. If you have a flexibel way of working, we return the favour ;).


You have the freedom to work in the way that works for you. We see you as a professional who knows how to handle your responsibilities. You know how to reach your deliverables, we are here to facilitate you.


Since you are in charge of your own output we expect from our professionals to do their work in the best way possible. This means responsibility for your own tasks and outcomes.


Since we thrive to be flexibel as a company we need flexible colleagues as well. In busy times for example, we must be able to rely on your support.


We want colleagues who are willing to go the extra mile for Podictive, strive for excellence, come up with new ideas, help the company grow etc. Long story short, we want you to see Podictive as your own company and be fully engaged in it’s well being and growth.


All our colleagues are our own ambassadors. While meetings with clients, talking about Podictive at a party or with other acquittances. You can spread the word about Podictive and what an amazing company we are.


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Young enthusiastic team

I experience Podictive as dynamic, educational and diverse. It is wonderful to work with a young enthusiastic team, each with its own specialty. If you are looking for an instructive environment to further develop your (cyber) security knowledge, I can wholeheartedly recommend Podictive.

Bert, Recruiter

Podictive provides support and understanding

I experience Podictive as a dynamic company which is constantly developing. It is a young company with driven employees. There is a short communication line which is very pleasant for our customers and for me as an employee. The best way to describe Podictive is that it is a company that wants the best for its employees. Podictive has good contact with it’s employees and looks for solutions and opportunities for growth for them. Also in private spheres Podictive provides support and understanding. Above results in that I work with my whole heart for Podictive.

Jacob, Recruiter

Fun and compelling

Podictive at heart carries a young startup attitude, and working with them in a practically flat-level hierarchy with open both way communication between colleagues is great as a learning opportunity as well as is just fun and compelling.

Katherine, Junior Software Engineer

Feel at home

Podictive for me is an organization which takes both pride and pleasure in their work. It's free and open culture and "if it's broken, fix it" mentality means it's a pleasant work environment. Combined with having a lot of personal freedom on the tasks I do and the ability to improve myself through education makes that i feel at home at Podictive.

Machiel, IT Security Consultant

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